Sekai no Melody 2008 Summer Extravaganza — Idol KiSS!!!

16 04 2008

Idol KiSS is Sekai no Melody’s 2008 summer extravaganza!  Participants are placed into groups and put through a series of tasks to complete and are pitted against each other in the ultimate online idol competition!

I’m in the group Rosequartz!  Please support us!

Link is in the poster!

PS- This is part of the competition~ :3

[Plugging] Mignon! Project MIRACLE 5 Audition

9 02 2008

I run a [primarily] Hello! Project cover [karaoke] group called Mignon! Project (M!P for short). And it’s time, for the first time in a year, for me to formally open auditions for it. It’s a lot of fun, so if you like singing and H!P, then give it a look.

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New Blog- BiKi no NONSTOP

12 11 2007

Kuri/Bee of Morning! Kuri and myself have been in a karaoke duo since February in my karaoke project, Mignon! Project.  We decided recently to make our own blog and break away from Mignon! Project to “expand our musical horizons” and collaborate with non-Mignon! Project singers.

We’d love it if you’d drop a comment by us every now and then to let us know we’re being listened to (  Also, if you’re into the H!P karaoke scene or just want to sing, we’d love to do a collaboration (of any artist!)!  We’re also on youtube under Mignon! Project’s youtube account, so if you’re interested in seeing some of our older stuff, search for “BiKi” or “Mignon! Project” on youtube.

Yoroshiku onegaishimasu!  ❤

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