30 Day Idol Challenge 3&4 ~Girlfriend/Boyfriend~

5 02 2012

Well, I’m off to a good start.  I already missed a day.  Crap.  In my defense, I started writing yesterday, it was just late and Skyward Sword was calling my name.  Because I’m a dirty cheater, here is both day three and four, which are very similar anyway.  😀

Day 3 of Idol Month here at Shanimuni Paradise (aka Happy Disco’s 30 Day Idol Challenge) is, if I were a boy, which idol would be my girlfriend?  And Day 4 is who would I pick to be my boyfriend?

I’m having a very hard time choosing the first one because there are so many hot female idols.  I can be completely comfortable in my sexuality and find many of them fantasy-worthy, just as all of you men do.  So I decided to pick the absolute most sexy idol I could think of.  One that you can never take your eyes off of.

Actually, I’m not sure she’s even an “idol”, per say, but nevertheless, my choice for girlfriend is… Read the rest of this entry »

TOP! Part 9 – J- and K-Idols

26 01 2012

This was requested early last year by qwert.  Sorry it took me this long to get to it.  The ninth installment of my TOP! series (see the page above to learn more about the series) is my top 20 j- and k-idols.  Again, that’s the smallest number I could muster.  I’ll spare you of the honorable mentions, though.  In order to keep the list doable, I kept it to members of idol groups (past and present).  It was also a very hard list, so some of the ones I would have put in here had to be cut.  Also, I only put one member per group to keep the list from being all Super Junior, SHINee, SNSD, or BIG BANG.

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Morning Musume’s New Look-A-Like

20 01 2012

I’m not going to lie, I haven’t been even slightly interested in either the 9th or 10th generations of Morning Musume.  In fact, I’m pretty disappointed with them.  I’ve talked about it in a previous post, so I won’t  be redundant.  For some really odd reason, I decided to watch an interview Hello! Online posted where a couple 9th Gen and 10th Gen girls promoted that godawful single they just released.

I had to really pay attention because about a minute in I realized I’ve never bothered to learn any of their names.  I don’t even think that I could recognize any of them if you put them in a crowd.  But then one of the girls started to talk, and she caught my eye.  I didn’t recognize her at all.

It took me three watches through the interview to figure out who she was.  See, I didn’t realize she was a 10th Generation member, I thought they were all 9th Generation.  Shows you how much I know.  I couldn’t find an “Ayumi” in any information about 9th Gen.  And then it FINALLY clicked.

Why was I so interested to find out who she was?  When I couldn’t tell you a single other of the 8 new girls’ names?

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For Real This Time

2 06 2010

I keep going on unannounced hiatuses.  I’m sorry!  This time I’m back for real.  Senior year was kind of kicking my ass and I didn’t have a life for the past couple months.  But now that’s all over and I can return to the blogging world~

I know I’ve missed a lot… so I’m not gonna try to catch up too much.  But here are a couple opinions from the last couple of months: Read the rest of this entry »

By You & For You

9 05 2009


KAT-TUN’s newest album, Break the Records ~By You&For You~ came out recently.  I finally got around to listening to it.

Not much help with my mental stability.

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