7 10 2012

In a month, Kikkawa You will release a cover album.  But not just any album. Oh no.  A VOCALOID COVER ALBUM, titled “Vocalist?”.  I think I’ve mentioned once or twice that I’m really into Vocaloid music because I’ve really been on an electronic kick for a year or so and Vocaloid has some phenomenal shit.  When you get the good producers with a program that can synthesize what’s too difficult or expensive for a human to do… they get creative in the most amazing way.

Anyway.  Kikkawa You is doing a cover of songs by Vocaloid producers!  EPIC.  I don’t recognize any of the songs right off the bat, but I know a lot more Vocaloid songs by their sound than their names, so maybe once it’s out I’ll be like “OMG WHAT I LOVE THIS SONG AND I LOVE KIKKA THIS IS AWESOME.”  The only producer I recognize is MSR, but that doesn’t hinder my excitement either.  I have a feeling this album will be absolutely phenomenal.

It goes on sale November 7th.  So keep your calendars marked.  It’s been a long while since I’ve done an album review.  This one may be it.

Kikkawa You – Koko Kara Hajimarunda

7 07 2012

I can’t remember if I’ve talked about Kikkawa You’s solo works before here.  For those of you who don’t know, she started out as a Hello! Project trainee after being turned down for the Morning Musume Generation 8 auditions.  She participated in Milky Way with Kusumi Koharu for a while and now is signed under Universal Records as a solo artist.  Which, I should mention, have been absolutely phenomenal so far.  But her newest single, “Koko Kara Hajimrunda,” has to be her best yet.

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30 Day Idol Challenge 24&25 ~Admitting/Non-Japanese~

26 02 2012

I promise I’m not entirely being lazy this time.  I combined these days because you already knew the answer to today’s!  So, yesterday’s 30 Day Idol Challenge was an idol who’s not your favourite but you have to admit is good.

This idol didn’t “WOW” me right away like she seemed to everyone else.  I thought she was cute and talented, but she’s never become one of my favorites.  Now she’s gone solo and I am really loving her solo releases lately.  It’s…

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J-Round Up: IDOLING!!!, AKB+Friends, Kikkawa You, After School, Akanishi Jin

27 01 2012

I’ve been wanting to review a lot of the latest releases.  Unfortunately, a lot of them aren’t new anymore, but here are the latest one’s I’ve been looking at.  I’m going to hold fast to my resolution to expand my horizons, so today I’m breaking down my barrier and reviewing IDOLING!!! for the first time.  I’m sorry I can’t provide you guys with the actual PVs or lives for most of these; we all know Japanese labels are insane with copyright (although last time I checked, wasn’t the point of a promotional video to promote…?).

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