30 Day Idol Challenge 11 ~Solo Idol~

11 02 2012

Day eleven of the 30 Day Idol Challenge/Idol Month is who is your favorite solo idol?  This makes it hard for me to draw the line between what is an idol and what isn’t.  Ah, all of these days have been really hard for me to pinpoint exactly what the prompt is. Damn.

If you count the likes of Koda Kumi and Ayumi Hamasaki as idols, then they would probably be my favorites.  But I’m not entirely sure they count as idols?  I’ve never heard someone refer to any of the 5QUEENS as idols.  If this is members of groups who release solo singles, then my favorite is probably Song Jieun from Secret.  I would say Lee Hyori, but she’s been on hiatus too long for me to remember why I love her (hint: PLEASE MAKE A COMEBACK HYORI).

So, that leaves one other favorite solo idol.  At least I think she can still be counted as an idol.  It’s…

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30 Day Idol Challenge 3&4 ~Girlfriend/Boyfriend~

5 02 2012

Well, I’m off to a good start.  I already missed a day.  Crap.  In my defense, I started writing yesterday, it was just late and Skyward Sword was calling my name.  Because I’m a dirty cheater, here is both day three and four, which are very similar anyway.  😀

Day 3 of Idol Month here at Shanimuni Paradise (aka Happy Disco’s 30 Day Idol Challenge) is, if I were a boy, which idol would be my girlfriend?  And Day 4 is who would I pick to be my boyfriend?

I’m having a very hard time choosing the first one because there are so many hot female idols.  I can be completely comfortable in my sexuality and find many of them fantasy-worthy, just as all of you men do.  So I decided to pick the absolute most sexy idol I could think of.  One that you can never take your eyes off of.

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27 01 2012

File:japonesque goods.jpg

The latest Japanese singer to get preggers and have a shotgun wedding before the baby drops, Miss Koda Kumi herself, has just released her new album, JAPONESQUE.  I always love her albums, and this one is no exception.  As you could deduce from the title, it has a lot of traditional Japanese influence mixed with Koda’s personal hip hop/r&b style that makes for one exceptionally well-made album.  Unlike most albums, I feel like not a single one of these songs is a throw-away or a filler (except for the two fillers), and it really spared no expense.  If I wasn’t a poor college student and it wasn’t SO EXPENSIVE, I would really pay the extra $20-$30 for the CD+DVD edition because most of the songs on this album have music videos.

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Koda’s a Vampire?

11 01 2010

I just got back from seeing Daybreakers.  It was okay, not the best movie ever, but at least the vampires don’t fucking sparkle.

Anyway, so I get back and see Koda Kumi’s new video for her new single “Can We Go Back” is out.  And the first scene she’s all (kind of) grungy and locked up in some prison.  And my first thoughts were that she looked JUST like the blood-deprived vampires in Daybreakers, only with clothes on.  And if you haven’t seen it, imagine a zombie, only a little cleaner.

Koda, dear, food is good for you.

The song is okay, but personally I think that Koda’s better suited for R&B and dance hits, not so much rock.  But whatever, it’s the current trend or something for the Jpop Divas, so hopefully it ends soon.

The whole… “battle” scenes are really random.  Koda’s new hair really stands out, though.  At least, that’s what I was focusing on, what were you looking at??  Her ass?  Shame on you all.

I liked the dance cut, but it seemed a little dull.  Like, come on Koda, we all know you can do better than a cheap Thriller rip-off.

So…. once again Koda bores me.

But that’s why I started listening to JPop.  😀

Sisterly Love

25 03 2009

I’ve been so excited to hear the duet between sisters Koda Kumi and misono.  I was wondering if they’d ever collaborate, since it’s just so rare to have two debuted singers in the same family, let alone sisters.  And they finally did!  Misono’s been gaining more attention with Quiz Hexagon (which seems to be a hit maker), so I’m assuming that’s what brought it about.  She was never really “popular” before, so I’m glad that she not only is getting more attention, but made a single with her big sister!

And man, the wait was worth it.

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