30 Day Idol Challenge 15 ~Momoiro Clover-Z Member~

15 02 2012

The fifteenth day (halfway through!!) day of the 30 Day Idol Challenge is your favorite Momoiro Clover[-Z] member.  Ah, MomoClo.  ❤  I had no idea that the wotasphere had any idea about them until just recently.  I’ve liked this group for a while.  Sometimes I really hate their releases, but most of the time I really love them.  MomoClo has such a fun and quirky style to everything they do.

I don’t really have an absolute favorite or least favorite member of this group yet.  I’ve been listening to them for quite some time, but I have yet to get to know them like I know the Hello! Project or a select few AKB48 members.  However, I do know who I prefer to listen to and see in MomoClo, and that is…

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Hello! Project Round-Up: PyocoPyoco, Chotomatte, DEEP MIND, and Shining Butterfly

15 01 2012

A few H!P PVs have been released lately (okay, a couple of these are old, but I’ve been wanting to review them), and to save you clicks and me time, I’m rounding them all up into one post.  Remember, I already warned you that my patience with H!P is gone.

Morning Musume – Pyocopyoco Ultra

When I heard the radio rip for this song, I actually really liked it.  It’s really catchy on it’s own and it showcases the new members, which although isn’t great yet, it’s smart on Tsunku’s part.  If all of the lines are given to Reina or Mame, then it’ll be a PAIN once they graduate (such as, I can imagine, it is now divvying up all of Ai’s parts).

Then the covers and group concept pictures were released.

Then the MV.

Can I emphasize how much I have been disappointed with Morning Musume lately?  Leave it to Tsunku to take a perfectly good song and fuck duck it up.  To save an incredibly long rant, here’s the one good thing about this PV: Gakisan.  She really, really shines among the rest.  And I really love that her costume is different, it really shows that she’s the queen duck.  Otherwise, yeah.  There’s nothing good about this PV.  It makes me sick to my stomach.  I’ve tried about 5 times and I still cannot watch it all the way through.

Tsunku, little girls are already fans of Morning Musume.  They will listen anyway.  Especially since you’re adding kindergartners to the group.  You need to be targetting the market that is leaning to AKB: young adults and the older male fans.  You used to do it, and it worked really, really well.  Don’t know why that’s changed, but he is really throwing a great group down the tubes.  Just because the new members are young doesn’t mean they have to be dancing in duck outfits.  Seriously.

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