How Come I’ve Never Seen This Before?

26 06 2008

Okay, uhm, why have I never seen that before?  It’s really (and I mean really, really) hot.  More so that KAT-TUN normally is. 

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The Musume in America Experiment: Part 1

28 01 2008

Based on what Kuri of Morning! Kuri did with her younger sister (tested Momusu on her), I decided to try out a similar experiment. I tested the big three in H!P right now on my [soon to be] step-sister. She’s your typical teenage girl, 15, and a freshman in highschool. The only thing not so normal is that she’s a pretty strong Christian. Based on that, I thought that she would probably be less inclined to see girls dancing around in hardly anything singing about the hardships of love. But I was wrong. Ooooh so so so wrong.

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17 01 2008

I remember some time ago I won a raffle drawing and they said I could pick anything from as my prize. I was like, spazzing. And I wanted to try some male music (or anything non-H!P for once). A while before that, I had randomnly stumbled upong Arashi and had been obsessed with them for like… a week. And in that week, I explored Johnny’s. And while exploring Johnny’s, I also stumbled upon KAT-TUN, but I didn’t even give them a second thought then.

So I was at, browing for what I should buy, and I found KAT-TUN’s second album, Cartoon KAT-TUN II. I was vaguely interested and told Kuri about it (we were talking at the moment), and she was like “Tsukikirin, it has a song called Make U Wet. It HAS to be good.” Can’t argue with that logic. So I picked it out. It is, to this day, the only Japanese CD I own (not Asian, because I also have Super Junior’s Don’t Don). Read the rest of this entry »

Oh yes, Baby, I’m Cruising Love

7 01 2008

Watch that.  Now.  I demand it.  It’s the PV for the upcoming Perfume single, Baby Cruising LoveRead the rest of this entry »

In Which There Is Even More SuJu Oggling…

26 12 2007

I will never cease to stop putting SuJu eyecandy up here.  I just about fainted right now.  Kuri (Morning! Kuri) did, too.  We squeed together.  I just found the scans from the second repackaging of Don’t Don.  Now, I’ve seen these before, but I’ve never looked at them.  And now all I can think is damn!  Why not?!  So here’s some more Tsukiki-induced eyecandy for everyone!  With comments!  ^^

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New Blog- BiKi no NONSTOP

12 11 2007

Kuri/Bee of Morning! Kuri and myself have been in a karaoke duo since February in my karaoke project, Mignon! Project.  We decided recently to make our own blog and break away from Mignon! Project to “expand our musical horizons” and collaborate with non-Mignon! Project singers.

We’d love it if you’d drop a comment by us every now and then to let us know we’re being listened to (  Also, if you’re into the H!P karaoke scene or just want to sing, we’d love to do a collaboration (of any artist!)!  We’re also on youtube under Mignon! Project’s youtube account, so if you’re interested in seeing some of our older stuff, search for “BiKi” or “Mignon! Project” on youtube.

Yoroshiku onegaishimasu!  ❤

Aibon in the US?

27 08 2007

Kago Ai some time ago

Kago Ai, aka Aibon, an ex-Morning Musume member was fired from Up Front Agency earlier this year.  I recently read on Hello! Blog that her mother revealed in an interview that Kago is currently in NY (New York). 

I’ve always loved Aibon to death and been a huge fan, even after her suspension and being fired.  I excitedly shared this with Kuri of Morning! Kuri, a good friend and karaoke partner of mine.  We decided to look Kago up online and found she is living at the W in New York City.  (YAY!)

So that’s about it.  Exciting news, ne?  (Don’t go stalking her, though XD)  We’ve also decided to email her with some of our W covers we’ve done.  We’re totally stoked about it.  Let’s hope she can speak English enough to understand what the heck we’re saying.  Oh, and if you have anything you’d like to say to her, if everything works out, I’d be more than happy to put in something you’ve said, too. 

Let’s show Aibon her international fans haven’t forgotten her! 

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