Nana Mizuki – “Synchrogazer”

18 01 2012

My goal for 2012 is to not be so limited in what I listen to.  Not that I won’t be biased, but there’s many artists that either I’ve a) never heard of or b) haven’t listened to because they’re competition for my favorites.  I did this just a little in 2011 and discovered many hidden treasures that I had been shying myself away from.  So why not go even further?

My first new Jpop listen of the year is Nana Mizuki and her new single Synchrogazer.  I don’t know if I can really call her a new listen, though.  See, I thought I had never even heard of her before.  But as it turns out, Mizuki’s in everything.  No, seriously.  I haven’t watched many animes since I was 6, but nearly all the ones I have she’s been in.  I’ve played half the games she’s voiced characters for, and thus have heard her sing the theme songs for them before.  She’s even dubbed characters for the Japanese version of my favorite TV show and several others I used to enjoy.

Think you don’t know who she is?  You may want to look at her heavily extensive resume and think again.

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