And More Importantly…

25 09 2008

I just realized that the one year anniversary for this blog, Shanimuni Paradise (originally VERY BEAUTY), passed exactly a month ago!  My first post was August 24th, 2007!  One year of people bitching at me for not agreeing with the norm; one year of changing my views on everything twenty times; one year of discovering really hot JE boys; one year where my life has been significantly busier than ever before; and one year of massively expanding my Asian pop culture horizons~  And almost 50,000 views strong!  So yay me!


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Cutie Party Survey

21 06 2008

I wasn’t going to do this orignally, but I guess I’m just a conformist.  So here are my answers to the J-Music survey over at Cutie Party

1. What was the first Japanese song that you ever listened to?

Uhm.  The first Sailormoon opening theme.  I forget what it’s called now. 

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That Ain’t Cool.

9 06 2008

Ain’t it though?

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*sniff* I LOVE YOU GUYS!!

24 11 2007

Today my blog broke 3,000 hits.  I know probably for most of you, that’s nothing, but it is to Kibum!  (If you’re not a SuJu fan, that’s reference to their movie, Attack on the Pin-Up boys where DongHae and Kibum are amazed that Kibum’s blog has 3k hits).  Today alone I got about 170, which again, may not be a ton to you, but that’s more than I’ve ever had in one day.

I really, really appreciate that you guys are reading and the few of you that comment.  <333  Especially because I have absolutely no writing talent (I’ve read over some of my stuff… its total crap compaired to everyone else) and foremost above all else that even though I voice some very strong and contradictory opinions that upset a LOT of you (ahaha all the hateful comments <3), you still come back and read more.  XD;;  I have no idea why, but thank you for doing so.

So please continue to visit me!  And once again, thank you sooooo so sos so much for your support!!!!!

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