It’s here It’s here It’s HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

23 03 2012

I’ve been holding out reviewing SHINee’s new album, Sherlock, until the day the music video came out.  Today is that day.  They also made their live comeback on M! Countdown today as well.  Oh, what a glorious day.

You probably don’t know because I haven’t talked about them much on my blog, but SHINee is my favorite Kpop group.  Boys and girls included.  I just haven’t talked about them because, well, they haven’t done anything significant in over a year.  Their Japanese releases, you say?  Please, those are all a joke.  We all know that.

So the patient, dedicated Shawol I am, I waited and waited and FINALLY almost a year and a half later, THEY’RE FINALLY BACK.  And I am loving it.  Check out the music video for “Sherlock” below! Read the rest of this entry »

Can. Not. Wait.

18 03 2012

A music video teaser for SHINee’s new album Sherlock has finally been released!  GAH.  I CANNOT WAIT.  I wouldn’t hesitate to say SHINee is my favorite K-boy group.  Although their Japanese shit sucks ass, they’ve always had real quality Korean releases and the teasers for Sherlock up to this point seem to fall en suite!

The dance looks like it will be awesome, the set is a typical awkward SM set, and TAEMIN IS SHERLOCK!  SQUEE.

SM has several teasers up of the boys being silly on the set and a highlight series from the album, so if you’re not subscribed to SM Ent on youtube, you should be!  Go get excited for SHINee’s comeback THIS WEEK!!!!!

(Although if you don’t want 40 EXO teasers on your front page, I completely understand.)

Officially Addicted – NU’EST “FACE”

17 03 2012

I was trying to remain uninterested in Pledis’s (first?) newest boy group NU’EST.  Most of the time, whenever I attach myself to a group or singer right after their debut, such as Block B, Dae Guk Nam Ah, or Son Anna (for example), they either ruin their careers, go to shit just after their releases got good, or disappear off the face of the Earth.

I know many people were really looking forward to this group, but I’ve really been disappointed with After School’s Japanese releases, and as the flagship group of Pledis, it reflected onto my view of the company as a whole.  Also, I hardly even noticed the “Pledis Boys” in “LOVE LETTER” last Christmas.  So really, I didn’t care.

Out of complete boredom, though, I watched their debut music video… and wow.  I’m absolutely addicted.  (Music video inside!) Read the rest of this entry »

Still Not a Fan of U-KISS?

17 02 2012

Let me change your opinion on that.

Need a few more reasons?  Trust me, it won’t be long.  I’ll convert you yet by the end of this post.   Read the rest of this entry »

30 Day Idol Challenge 7 ~Idol Pairings~

10 02 2012

So, day seven of Idol Month/Happy Disco’s 30 Day Idol Challenge is your favorite idol pairing. I’m not quite so what this is meant to be, so I’m going to take it a few different ways for you today.

The first way this can be taken is my favorite two idols that work well together, have complimentary personalities, are charismatic together, always seem to be together during interviews and performances, and generally just compliment each other in their group.

And then, of course, there’s the fangirl way of taking it. OTP. Daydreams of these idols doing obscene things together (or fanfiction) because they’re both SO DAMN HOT together. And because of fanservice. Damn fanservice. I don’t want to over-Kpop you here, so I have both a J-Idol OTP and a K-Idol OTP.

Read the rest of this entry »

30 Day Idol Challenge 3&4 ~Girlfriend/Boyfriend~

5 02 2012

Well, I’m off to a good start.  I already missed a day.  Crap.  In my defense, I started writing yesterday, it was just late and Skyward Sword was calling my name.  Because I’m a dirty cheater, here is both day three and four, which are very similar anyway.  😀

Day 3 of Idol Month here at Shanimuni Paradise (aka Happy Disco’s 30 Day Idol Challenge) is, if I were a boy, which idol would be my girlfriend?  And Day 4 is who would I pick to be my boyfriend?

I’m having a very hard time choosing the first one because there are so many hot female idols.  I can be completely comfortable in my sexuality and find many of them fantasy-worthy, just as all of you men do.  So I decided to pick the absolute most sexy idol I could think of.  One that you can never take your eyes off of.

Actually, I’m not sure she’s even an “idol”, per say, but nevertheless, my choice for girlfriend is… Read the rest of this entry »

TOP! Part 9 – J- and K-Idols

26 01 2012

This was requested early last year by qwert.  Sorry it took me this long to get to it.  The ninth installment of my TOP! series (see the page above to learn more about the series) is my top 20 j- and k-idols.  Again, that’s the smallest number I could muster.  I’ll spare you of the honorable mentions, though.  In order to keep the list doable, I kept it to members of idol groups (past and present).  It was also a very hard list, so some of the ones I would have put in here had to be cut.  Also, I only put one member per group to keep the list from being all Super Junior, SHINee, SNSD, or BIG BANG.

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