Code Blue

3 10 2008

If any of you happen to remember, I was really excited about Code Blue this summer because it has two of my favorite drama actors, Yamashita Tomohisa and Toda Erika, starring in it.  It took me a lot longer than I expected to watch this (I’ve been really busy with school and only watched about one episode every week or less), but I feel like spreading it out just added to the suspense that you’re supposed to experience when watching this.

It’s one of the better dramas that I watched, not the best, but what really caught me about this drama is (on top of it being something that I would have never watched if it weren’t for Yamapi and Erika) that it’s some of the best acting that I’ve ever seen (once again, not the best, but it’s in the top three for me).  At times the acting just blew me away.  It’s definitely not your average drama acting.

(Beware: spoilers ahead)

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JE Dramas and Recent Releases

16 07 2008

A few nights ago I found out that Johnny’s is bad for my health. Every time I see them I turn into a pile of squeeling fangirl goo.

There have been a few Johnny’s releases lately and a couple dramas that I’ve been wanting to review badly, but every time I try, I just end up making a fangirl post. I mean… it might scare you. Which is why I haven’t done it. However, I do want to get my opinion out on a few things, so I’m going to make one big JE review of everything I’ve wanted to review lately and keep everything short and sweet. I can’t completely keep myself from fangirling, but I’ll try to limit it.

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