U-Kiss, Stopping Teenage Girls’ Hearts

20 09 2012

U-Kiss has released the “Black&White ver.” of the title song of their new minialbum (out today), “Stop Girl”.  …Yay? Read the rest of this entry »


28 04 2012

A couple days ago, my lover Kevin Kpop boy group U-Kiss released the music video for the title track of their new minialbum, “DORADORA.”  Upon watching it a few times though, I have decided that I need to add another reason to my list of reasons why to love U-Kiss: they have yet to disappoint me.

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30 Day Idol Challenge 24&25 ~Admitting/Non-Japanese~

26 02 2012

I promise I’m not entirely being lazy this time.  I combined these days because you already knew the answer to today’s!  So, yesterday’s 30 Day Idol Challenge was an idol who’s not your favourite but you have to admit is good.

This idol didn’t “WOW” me right away like she seemed to everyone else.  I thought she was cute and talented, but she’s never become one of my favorites.  Now she’s gone solo and I am really loving her solo releases lately.  It’s…

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Still Not a Fan of U-KISS?

17 02 2012

Let me change your opinion on that.

Need a few more reasons?  Trust me, it won’t be long.  I’ll convert you yet by the end of this post.   Read the rest of this entry »

TOP! Part 9 – J- and K-Idols

26 01 2012

This was requested early last year by qwert.  Sorry it took me this long to get to it.  The ninth installment of my TOP! series (see the page above to learn more about the series) is my top 20 j- and k-idols.  Again, that’s the smallest number I could muster.  I’ll spare you of the honorable mentions, though.  In order to keep the list doable, I kept it to members of idol groups (past and present).  It was also a very hard list, so some of the ones I would have put in here had to be cut.  Also, I only put one member per group to keep the list from being all Super Junior, SHINee, SNSD, or BIG BANG.

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