Legal things…

28 01 2009

I wonder if it’s legal for a 14-year-old to look that sexy? Hm…

For the minors: Yes!  It is legal to want to sex him!  Score!

For those who are not minors: Hahalulz.  Sucks for you.  =D

The point of this post?  There is none.  Yamada Ryosuke is just ridiculously sexy for his age.


27 01 2009

HEY, EVERYONE!  LOOK!  JaeJoong decided to grace us with his moobs!

If you don’t know, JaeJoong is the really girly looking one.  And if that doesn’t help you spot him, look for uncovered moobs in all their oh-so-manly glory.

I know the clip is kinda old, but I was watching Bolero and that was in the related videos… and lol… I couldn’t resist them… the moobs…. thy drew me in and kept me there.

(…and what moob post would be complete without Yamapi?)

PS – Tohoshinki has more talent than about 95% of Johnny’s combined.  I still love JE more, but dang.


26 01 2009

So I was surfing the avex youtube channel, and… uh…

…er?  Which that’s some nice choreography and all… I just…

I don’t even know what to say I’m so baffled.

Wota Wonderings the First: New Year’s Resolutions

21 01 2009

Johpan over at boylikesmusic has started a new series of… interactions? between J-music bloggers entitled “Wota Wonderings.”  While I hate to associate myself with anything that would delineate in any way, shape, or form that I am “wota,” I think it’ll be fun to participate in and a great way to learn more about fellow bloggers.

The first question in these wonderings is “If you were the Japanese music industry, what would your New Year’s resolution be?”

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I Love Gocchin

19 01 2009

That is better than anything she released in six years as a Hello! Project soloist.  Period.

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