TOP! Part 8 – Men I Would Love to Marry

10 08 2010

–Or alternatively titled “The Sexiest Men in Asia”.


Here’s the eighth part of my TOP! series!  It’s been a while!  Sashiburi~ If I had done this a year ago, every single person on this list would have been a JE idol (or a Japanese actor) with the exception of maybe HanKyung from Super Junior (who now repulses me, but that’s another rant for another post).  My life has been taken over by Kpop, as you will see.  But I’ve also just grown really tired and disappointed in the Japanese idol industry (still loving those solo singers… Ayu I love you!)  So!  Here’s the top five six okay, seven men I would love to marry, including several honorable mentions!, a first for my TOP! series !

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Sigh… And I’m in Love All Over Again

1 07 2009

I’m pretty sure I’ve never shared my obsession with Versailles with you all before.  Here’s a good time!

Versailles recently released their major-label debut single, “ASCENDEAD MASTER.”  Most people agree that when indie bands go major it’s for the worse; however, Versailles didn’t change!!  The PV, I will admit, is a little bright for my Versailles-liking, but besides that, I noticed no major difference between this and their indie singles.

Oh, besides that Kamijo got about 8129301 times hotter deciding to go manly.  Good choice, Kamijo, good choice.

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