TOP! Part 4- Super Junior

20 02 2008

Super Junior

It’s been a while since I’ve done another TOP!, so I decided to head on over to American Wota and rank my Musume singles [again] and then post them. But to my extremely squee-filled surprise, they now have a SuJu ranker! Yatta!! Finally! I have indeed been meaning to do this, I just hadn’t thought about it and now I have a super-easy American Wota way to do it. ^^ Yay~! Read the rest of this entry »

Title Change

19 02 2008

I have officially changed the title of this blog from VERY BEAUTY to Shanimuni Paradise, one of my favorite songs ever.  If anything, it was because the former name was overused and no one else is called Shanimuni Paradise.  So, same ol’ Tsukiki, but new title.  :]  Yoroshiku ne!


14 02 2008

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New H!B Poll

11 02 2008

I’ve already ranked all three of these groups on my blog before, but now I have pretty pictures to go with them. And some have changed, too, I suppose.

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Arigatou Gozaimasuuuuu~ <333

11 02 2008

VERY BEAUTY has reached a little over 10,000 views. It makes me incredibly happy that people read the crap that I write. 8DDD A few weeks ago, I was ranked at the 50-somethingith most-read wordpress blog. That might not seem like a lot, but to me it is! It almost made me cry. [Yes, I am an incredibly sappy and emotional person.] Thank you all so much for reading my blog! It really means a lot! [Although, I really don’t know why, I have 0 writing talent.]


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