28 10 2008

New Berryz PV came out.  It’s weird.  Like Monkey Dance.  But slightly less so.  The outfits look like Berryz Kamen.  The song has a very pleasant small amount of Risako.  Momo is too old for pigtails.  Chinami is way too skinny for her own good.  Don’t really like the song.  But damn, those girls are gorgeous.

But I really only find one thing worthy of forming an intellegent compound-complex sentence: for ONCE they spent the amount of money that a PV needs and made it as a PV should be.  God, how long as it been since we’ve seen EXTRAS in an H!P PV?  I’m not sure I can even name one.  While I think this was an odd song to choose to start this, I really really hope they keep it up.  The PV looks phenomonal.    Here, take a look!

On the other hand, I adore Buono!’s new PV, Rottara Rottara.  I think it’s one of my favorite Buono songs ever.

What. The Hell.

20 10 2008

I know Tsunku has made some questionable descisions before, but this is… he really needs to be checked into a mental institute.  Graduating the entire Elder Club is the worst decision he as ever made.  Including making Koharu a soloist and Hangry & Angry.

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That was just… Epic.

17 10 2008

So Hey! Say! JUMP’s newest single, Mayonaka no Shadow Boy (which I wrote a review on a few days ago) comes out on Wednesday!  I’m probably gonna buy it (because I actually have MONEY now! <3) it’s so good.

Anyway, today they performed their first live of it!  Which, if you read my review, you would know I was very very very much looking forward to seeing this live.  And oh my gosh.  It was epic.  There is no better word to describe it.

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Oh. She Sings, Too?

13 10 2008

I was surfing the blogs that I check daily and I saw some huge hype about a new single from Aragaki Yui.  I’ve only heard of her from Code Blue, so I figured I’d check it out, and apparently she’s some huge deal.  I knew she was a model and an actress, but apparently she started a singing career two years ago and it’s been very successful.  Blogs usually like to stretch the truth on that, so I checked her out on the PPN, and she has indeed had quite a successful two releases for a model/actress (as they usually don’t do too well when they try singing).

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Hangry & Angry…?

12 10 2008

Um.  So Ishikawa Rika and Yoshizawa Hitomi have formed a new Hello! Project unit… called Hangry & Angry… and it’s gothic-lolita… Umm…

I think I’m just about the only person who thinks this is really weird and a totally bad idea.

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