30 Day Idol Challenge 9 ~Worst Voice~

10 02 2012

Apparently I missed two days.  Day 9 of the 30 Day Idol Challenge/Idol Month is an idol whose voice you dislike.  Much like the last one, there are many contenders for this.  If I hadn’t already chosen Tanaka Reina for a day, I would pick her because her voice is like nails on a chalkboard.  Another MoMusu would be Michishige Sayumi, who has never and never will be able to sing worth shit.  But she’s pretty!  Also, all of 9th and 10th gen.  Oh wait, that’s almost all of Morning Musume.  Yup.  Sounds about right.

As far as other idols go, I also hate the voices of idols such as Watanabe Mayu, Itano Tomomi, Nakajima Saki, Kusumi Koharu, Takaguchi Junosuke, and all of Kanjani8.  The list goes on.

I can’t even pick just one for this.  There are two idols whose voices I absolutely cannot stand, and those are…

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Recent Releases

2 06 2010

Here’s some reviews for some of the more recent Kpop/Jpop releases:

Cabi Song by 2PM/SNSD:

SNSD’s voices are all so pretty.  They definitely outshine 2PM.  I love this song, even if it is a bit repetitive.  And God, can I get a poster of that cover?  😀

Rating: !!!!/!!!!!


You can so tell Rain produces this group.  It’s like “Y” is the song that didn’t fit on Rain’s Love Song single, so he gave it to MBLAQ instead.  Haha.  There’s waaaay to much autotune on this minialbum where it’s definitely not needed.  All the tracks sound a lot alike, leaving a lot to be wanting.  The semi-ballad “One Better Day” is the only change of pace, and while I like upbeat dance tunes, it’d be nice to hear something else when I know they’re more dynamic than this.

Rating: !!!/!!!!!

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Latest Kpop Musings

11 01 2010

There’s way too much that goes on on a daily basis to keep up with Kpop.  I like rounding it all up at once.

First of all, the new friggin huge boy group, who REALLY seems like the male SNSD, ZE:A, is a cheap rip-off every other Kpop boy group out there.  Track one, “Love Coach”: Hello, every single song Super Junior’s ever done and half of SS501 and T-MAX.  Track two, “New Star”: [a failed attempt at] BIG BANG, newer Super Junior, and all of them new hip hop groups that debuted this year that I haven’t kept up with.  And the title track, “Maseltov”?  Wai hallo thar 2PM, and even more pathetic, f(x) and 2NE1.

The group completely lacks originality, so if you’re wondering whether or not to bother with them or not?  Don’t.  It’s so not worth it.

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TOP! Part 7 – Kpop Girl Groups

1 12 2009

Disclaimer: I know there are many, many more girl groups than the ones I have listed here.  I know I missing some of the big ones like Kara and T-ara.  But I don’t care.  This is a ranking of the ones I’ve heard.

It’s been almost a year since the last installment into my TOP! series, so I figured I would do another.  I’ve been really into Kpop lately, so here’s a ranking of the top 7 (for part 7!  hahaha I’m so witty) Kpop girl group that I’ve listened to (boys shall come later, fear not).

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