As much as I hate to admit it…

30 03 2008

And I mean really, really hate to admit it… like, once again, I’m ripping out part of my soul here*…

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I knew there was a reason why I liked Super Junior…

16 03 2008

Because HanKyung is a Sex God.

On another note, if anyone has any information about a DVD release of Super Junior’s 1st Asia Tour ~Super Show~, please share? 8D I’m going to buy it the second it comes out.

Holy Shit. Loli Perfume.

16 03 2008

I already loved how Perfume looked. I thought they couldn’t get any more gorgeous. Until the covers for GAME came out. And they’re lolita. That is so hot, it isn’t even funny.

Lolita Perfume 1

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Morning Musume – Resonant Blue

14 03 2008

I know this video/song are recieving a lot of negative comments, but may I just say before joining them:

Holy shit, those girls are hot!!!

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Dear Celestia…

12 03 2008

I read your blog on the old KAT-TUN performances. And in there, for about a paragraph, you mentioned the fact that H!P should take notes from Johnny’s and let their idols actually use the talents that they have. I’ve actually loved your entire thing about compairing Johnny’s and H!P, but this one caught my attention.

I remember when I watched that Junjun/Linlin first live event thing, when Junjun played piano, I was thinking, “Uhm, hello?? Why isn’t anyone singing to accompany her?”

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