Utterly Perplexed

31 08 2010

So ever since SHINee’s latest ablum LUCIFER came out I’ve been absolutely obsessed with them because that song is the absolute SHIT.  And TaeMin is just about the sexiest maknae out there.  And JongHyun’s voice is to die for.

But anyway.  I decided I wanted the mp3 for Juliette (one of their first singles) randomly and headed over to the music rotation site I worship frequent (bestfiction@lj–check it out, it’s AWESOME) and it turned out to not be on the album I thought it was.  But what the hell, why not go on a downloading spree?  So I went and downloaded every album of theirs.

And dude, shit.  SHINee’s always been freakin amazing?  What??

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TOP! Part 8 – Men I Would Love to Marry

10 08 2010

–Or alternatively titled “The Sexiest Men in Asia”.


Here’s the eighth part of my TOP! series!  It’s been a while!  Sashiburi~ If I had done this a year ago, every single person on this list would have been a JE idol (or a Japanese actor) with the exception of maybe HanKyung from Super Junior (who now repulses me, but that’s another rant for another post).  My life has been taken over by Kpop, as you will see.  But I’ve also just grown really tired and disappointed in the Japanese idol industry (still loving those solo singers… Ayu I love you!)  So!  Here’s the top five six okay, seven men I would love to marry, including several honorable mentions!, a first for my TOP! series !

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No More Reason

8 08 2010

モー娘。から亀井ら3人が卒業! 4年ぶり新メンバーオーディション開催へ

I have no more reason to have any faith or love in Hello! Project anymore.  Every time I get accustomed to changes, Tsunku up and rips away everything I love in it.

His latest terror is graduating my three favorite members of Morning Musume.  Of course.  We all know MoMusu has been going down the tube this year music-wise, but I was clinging to my favorite girls to keep my hope that it would get better.

Obviously not.

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