TVXQ – Humanoids

27 11 2012

Oh my God, look!, TVXQ released an alternate version music video for “Catch Me”!


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Oh, I Wanna All Right.

24 09 2012

Guys, guys, guys.  Stop whatever the hell you’re doing.  One of the best TVXQ songs ever has just been released.


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For Real This Time

2 06 2010

I keep going on unannounced hiatuses.  I’m sorry!  This time I’m back for real.  Senior year was kind of kicking my ass and I didn’t have a life for the past couple months.  But now that’s all over and I can return to the blogging world~

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On the SM Ent Law Suits

21 12 2009

It’s rather well known that three members of the huge Halyu wave group DBSK, JaeJoong, JunSu, and YooChun, have sued their Korean management agency, SM Entertainment, for an “unfair contract.”

Well, now Super Junior’s HanKyung (as some of you  might recall has been my favorite member since the group formed) is following en suite.


I’ve wanted to say my opinion on it for some time, but two others have pretty much summed up all of my thoughts for me: fellow blogger Raid and Super Junior’s own KyuHyun.


God, what idiots.

I love them all (except JaeJoong, he can go into hiding and fall off of the face of the Earth or something for all I care), but they’re stupid.  Plain and simple.

Sisterly Love

25 03 2009

I’ve been so excited to hear the duet between sisters Koda Kumi and misono.  I was wondering if they’d ever collaborate, since it’s just so rare to have two debuted singers in the same family, let alone sisters.  And they finally did!  Misono’s been gaining more attention with Quiz Hexagon (which seems to be a hit maker), so I’m assuming that’s what brought it about.  She was never really “popular” before, so I’m glad that she not only is getting more attention, but made a single with her big sister!

And man, the wait was worth it.

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