It’s (Almost) Official!

19 06 2010

I haven’t bought the tickets yet, but I will by the end of the weekend.  Ladies and Gents, I am going to see Wonder Girls and 2PM live in concert!  I didn’t think they would come to Colorado, so I haven’t bothered checking, but I did for some reason today!  And they’re coming to Englewood (Which is so close to Denver I wonder why they didn’t just go to Denver?) on the 6th, conveniently right after my birthday!

SO!  shjdhadhsjdhakj I GET TO SEE THE WONDER GIRLS LIVE!!!!!!!  WITH 2PM?!?!!?!  BEST.  NIGHT.  EVER.

Recent Releases

2 06 2010

Here’s some reviews for some of the more recent Kpop/Jpop releases:

Cabi Song by 2PM/SNSD:

SNSD’s voices are all so pretty.  They definitely outshine 2PM.  I love this song, even if it is a bit repetitive.  And God, can I get a poster of that cover?  😀

Rating: !!!!/!!!!!


You can so tell Rain produces this group.  It’s like “Y” is the song that didn’t fit on Rain’s Love Song single, so he gave it to MBLAQ instead.  Haha.  There’s waaaay to much autotune on this minialbum where it’s definitely not needed.  All the tracks sound a lot alike, leaving a lot to be wanting.  The semi-ballad “One Better Day” is the only change of pace, and while I like upbeat dance tunes, it’d be nice to hear something else when I know they’re more dynamic than this.

Rating: !!!/!!!!!

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For Real This Time

2 06 2010

I keep going on unannounced hiatuses.  I’m sorry!  This time I’m back for real.  Senior year was kind of kicking my ass and I didn’t have a life for the past couple months.  But now that’s all over and I can return to the blogging world~

I know I’ve missed a lot… so I’m not gonna try to catch up too much.  But here are a couple opinions from the last couple of months: Read the rest of this entry »

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