JE Dramas and Recent Releases

16 07 2008

A few nights ago I found out that Johnny’s is bad for my health. Every time I see them I turn into a pile of squeeling fangirl goo.

There have been a few Johnny’s releases lately and a couple dramas that I’ve been wanting to review badly, but every time I try, I just end up making a fangirl post. I mean… it might scare you. Which is why I haven’t done it. However, I do want to get my opinion out on a few things, so I’m going to make one big JE review of everything I’ve wanted to review lately and keep everything short and sweet. I can’t completely keep myself from fangirling, but I’ll try to limit it.

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And TegoMassu.

26 06 2008

Tegomass ftw

pouting!Massu + supersexy!Tego + pole = SO MUCH WIN but nobody cares about Shige

I’m spamming you with sexy NEWS eyecandy.  I’m sure none of you mind.  Anyway, this is TegoMassu gettin all cozy with a red string…. hmmmm…. IMPLICATIONS, ANYONE?!?!?!?  TEGOMASS FTW! 

*dies of spazzy fangirlism*

credit: someone over at bww2

PS- This one I won’t take down.  It’s safe.  8D

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