TOP! Part 9 – J- and K-Idols

26 01 2012

This was requested early last year by qwert.  Sorry it took me this long to get to it.  The ninth installment of my TOP! series (see the page above to learn more about the series) is my top 20 j- and k-idols.  Again, that’s the smallest number I could muster.  I’ll spare you of the honorable mentions, though.  In order to keep the list doable, I kept it to members of idol groups (past and present).  It was also a very hard list, so some of the ones I would have put in here had to be cut.  Also, I only put one member per group to keep the list from being all Super Junior, SHINee, SNSD, or BIG BANG.

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Finally Unveiled

4 11 2009

For their first release in, oh, all year, NEWS put out a DVD for their WINTER PARTY DIAMOND SPARKLY YAY tour that happened… when was it?  Oh, yes, last year.  (Sorry, I hope you understand the frustration I and the majority of NEWS fans have shared this year.)

Despite being the only release in a full year, the DVD looks pretty good.  It’s jam-packed with extras, the highlight of which being each individual member filmed their own solo PV’s!  This was the part I was most excited about when details about the DVD were announced.

Some of them were blah, but then there were those few… that just made a whole year of waiting worth it.  :]

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27 01 2009

HEY, EVERYONE!  LOOK!  JaeJoong decided to grace us with his moobs!

If you don’t know, JaeJoong is the really girly looking one.  And if that doesn’t help you spot him, look for uncovered moobs in all their oh-so-manly glory.

I know the clip is kinda old, but I was watching Bolero and that was in the related videos… and lol… I couldn’t resist them… the moobs…. thy drew me in and kept me there.

(…and what moob post would be complete without Yamapi?)

PS – Tohoshinki has more talent than about 95% of Johnny’s combined.  I still love JE more, but dang.

Wota Wonderings the First: New Year’s Resolutions

21 01 2009

Johpan over at boylikesmusic has started a new series of… interactions? between J-music bloggers entitled “Wota Wonderings.”  While I hate to associate myself with anything that would delineate in any way, shape, or form that I am “wota,” I think it’ll be fun to participate in and a great way to learn more about fellow bloggers.

The first question in these wonderings is “If you were the Japanese music industry, what would your New Year’s resolution be?”

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NEWS – color

2 01 2009


As I said in my JE Best of 08 survey, this is the effin best album of 08.  Probably of 09 too.  NEWS’s new album, color, has got to be the best Jpop album I’ve ever heard.  I’m not even exagerating.

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2009 Predictions

31 12 2008

Well, it’s almost New Year’s Eve, so I figure it’s time to do the predictions for next year.  These are mostly H!P-based, but I’m going to venture to other idols this year too.

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JE Best 08 (My Answers)

31 12 2008


-Best Group (Debuted)

KAT-TUN.  They were really hot this year…

-Best Group (Jrs)

Kis-my-ft2.  I dislike the majority of A.B.C.-Z, unfortunately, and I hardly know any of the little ones. 

-Best Overall Soloist (this can be a member of a group doing a solo single or song)

Imai Tsubasa ❤  Or Akanishi Jin (with LOVEJUICE… *cough*)

-Best Idol (Debuted)

Yamashita Tomohisa.  With his drama and overall performance… *drool*

-Best Idol (Jrs)

Hashimoto Ryosuke!  This was really good year for him.  I just wish he’d debut.  D:

-Best Single

KAT-TUN’s Don’t U Ever Stop.  With a whopping seven songs, it should pretty much be an album, but it was amazing.  I loved all their solos.

-Best Song (Debuted)

Since I’ve been waiting and waiting for it to be released on an album, I have to say NEWS’s Snow Express because it FINALLY came out on an album~~  After TWO years!

-Best Song (Jrs)

Kis-my-ft2’s FIRE BEAT (jkajdlsakjdlka so amazing) or A.B.C.-Z’s Crush (which is really addictive)

-Best Album

I was going to pick Queen of Pirates.  And then tonight I finally downloaded color.  And holy shit.  It’s so AMAZING.  So NEWS’s color hands effing down.  Not even any competition.

-Best Concert (both debuted and jrs)

I liked NEWS’s pacific the best personally, but then again, I never saw the Ebikisu (A.B.C.-Z/Kis-my-ft2) concert.

-Best PV

KAT-TUN’s Don’t U Ever Stop because of the story or ARASHI’s truth because.  Omg.  truth.

-Best Choreography (I couldn’t resist since JE dances are so epic =D)

ARASHI’s truth.  Yesssss.  I thought NEWS’s Happy Birthday was pretty cute, too.

-Sexiest Idol (must be legal to call sexy– 18+)

Yamashita Tomohisa and Nishikido Ryo (and Akanishi Jin kthxbai)

-Cutest Idol (minors–under 18)

I have to say Hashimoto Ryosuke.  Have to.  I thought Tanaka Juri had a pretty good… end of the year… too.

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