Wow. Really?

23 08 2009

Fans take their fandoms WAY too seriously.

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About Time

16 08 2009

If any of you have started watching Orthros no Inu, Takki and NishiRyo’s new drama, you’ll know it’s full of very very sexy men doing very very sexy things.  Such as killing people.  *shot*  😀  But even better for me was (as I was watching it on TV in Japan) the special surprise I had no idea about!  Hey!Say!JUMP’s Yaotome Hikaru!  And not only Hikaru, but Hikaru as the villain.  With tattoos all up his arms.  And neck.  And skin-tight clothes.  And Takki feeling him up.  While Hikaru’s shirtless.  And sweaty (from being stabbed, but that’s such a minor detail).

Did I mention how awesome that drama is?

ANYWAY.  I realized Hikaru has gotten way hot over the six months that HSK has bored me to death and I’ve ignored them.  So it’s only appropriate that he gets a scandal (okay, not a scandal yet, but there are rumours going around everywhere).

Same goes for A~chan.  While she’s very much my least favorite of Perfume, I have loads of repsect for all three girls, including her.  And Perfume has been working their asses off for years and are just now reaping the rewards.  So she also well deserves some.

So I think it’s awesome that they’re supposedly dating.  Go Hikaru, scoring the front girl of the most popular girl group in Japan right now.  Bravo!

PS – Prz to can has picz?  kthxbai

Legal things…

28 01 2009

I wonder if it’s legal for a 14-year-old to look that sexy? Hm…

For the minors: Yes!  It is legal to want to sex him!  Score!

For those who are not minors: Hahalulz.  Sucks for you.  =D

The point of this post?  There is none.  Yamada Ryosuke is just ridiculously sexy for his age.

Wota Wonderings the First: New Year’s Resolutions

21 01 2009

Johpan over at boylikesmusic has started a new series of… interactions? between J-music bloggers entitled “Wota Wonderings.”  While I hate to associate myself with anything that would delineate in any way, shape, or form that I am “wota,” I think it’ll be fun to participate in and a great way to learn more about fellow bloggers.

The first question in these wonderings is “If you were the Japanese music industry, what would your New Year’s resolution be?”

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2009 Predictions

31 12 2008

Well, it’s almost New Year’s Eve, so I figure it’s time to do the predictions for next year.  These are mostly H!P-based, but I’m going to venture to other idols this year too.

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The Next Johnny’s Group

11 11 2008

This one… this one confuses me.  I was hoping that the next group to debut from Johnny’s would be one with all Juniors, not three already-debuted ones, one guy who’s not even in Johnny’s, and then ONE Junior that no one has ever heard of except for from this group.

TU→YU, the name of said group, has been doing commercials for Maruchan ramen (yes, that’s the stuff they sell here in America) for a while now.  The story behind these commercials is that the actor, Takeda Tetsuya (center of the group), has an idol group and he struggles to keep up with his fellow bandmates.  And obviously that they endorse ramen.

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That was just… Epic.

17 10 2008

So Hey! Say! JUMP’s newest single, Mayonaka no Shadow Boy (which I wrote a review on a few days ago) comes out on Wednesday!  I’m probably gonna buy it (because I actually have MONEY now! <3) it’s so good.

Anyway, today they performed their first live of it!  Which, if you read my review, you would know I was very very very much looking forward to seeing this live.  And oh my gosh.  It was epic.  There is no better word to describe it.

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